Ambassadors / France

Damien Serre

Paris – LinkedIn

Damien Serre is a leading researcher in urban flood resilience and risk management in Europe. He recently founded his own company, RESCUESolutions SAS (Resilience Engineering, Science of Complexity, Urban Environment), which aims to design methodologies and tools capable of assessing different type of risks and producing more resilient cities. His research asks how cities can bring the concepts of resilience and complexity to bear on the management of risks and infrastructure, and seeks to translate the input of risk managers, architects, urban planners, and city populations into an efficient strategy for capacity building. He has led several large studies for the European Union, is coordinator of “Paris résiliente,” and was scientific director of RESILIS, a research project to improve urban resilience.

“I strongly believe in floating cities as a means to design more resilient cities or new territories unexplored at this time. The Seasteading Institute is very innovative in this domain, and given my background and business I can’t stay outside this original initiative.”

Mathieu Blondel

Côte d’Azur – LinkedIn

Mathieu Blondel is a real estate agent living in Côte d’Azur, France, with previous experience in the restaurant business as well as agricultural and environmental engineering and banking. Prior to developing concept for a restaurant and selling two franchises, Mathieu worked for a French bank, and then for an FAO program, developing rurual credit for Haiti. As a coastal dweller, Mathieu is fascinated by constructions on the water, and is convinced that the future of humanity lies in colonization of the oceans. He believes the transition from fishing on the ocean to farming on the ocean represents an exciting stage of development, and wishes to participate in the establishment of the first city on the water. As an ambassador, Mathieu plans to study the present opportunities and obstacles to creating a seastead structure off the French Mediterranean Coast.