July 24, 2014

Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan

Seasteading has enormous potential in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.” – Shiwen Yap, e27.

Seasteading is “poised to be the need of the hour,” according to Shiwen Yap, writing for Asia’s leading “technopreneurship” news source, e27, which has featured seasteading twice. Once in the article Do you see seasteading as the next big thing?, and most recently in an enlivening interview with me (Joe Quirk).

The small island nations of Hong Kong and Singapore are two of a few governments on earth that make a profit. They have both created fabulous prosperity in contrast to the large old countries from which they broke away. Elder citizens of both city-states remember the day they gained independence from big old governments. They’ve since watched their small cities increase revenue by creating more real estate and megastructures on the water.

It seems to us that virtually everyone we meet from Singapore or Hong Kong thinks seasteading is common sense. Meanwhile the political leaders of Kiribati and the Maldives are demanding to know why humanity hasn’t started seasteading already.

The further out to sea you go, the further into the future you see.

We’d like to see Singapore promote a small politically independent seastead to continue its fine tradition of pioneering new experiments in governance. The “Little Red Dot,” a belittlement Singaporeans have claimed with pride, should foster the “Tinier Blue Dot.”

Joe Quirk
The Seasteading Institute