June 6, 2011

Wanted: Seasteading Stories from the Future

Wanted: Seasteading Stories from the Future


Can you write an inspiring article from the future illustrating how seasteading has improved humanity? If so, we want your submission. The best stories will be featured on our revised website later in the year.

Here’s what talented writers need to know when they draft their entries:

  • Inspirational: These stories should be written to inspire readers about seasteading’s opportunities to improve humankind. Therefore, every story should have a human element. That is, no matter what topic the writer chooses (i.e. macroeconomics, poverty, medical science, environmentalism, etc.), the story needs to focus on at least one character whose life is better because of seasteading.
  • Quality is important: The overall goal of this project is to create written images of what the future could be with seasteading, and we will publish the best-written stories that capture our vision of the future.
  • Length should be 200-2000 words: We will accept stories as short as 200 words and as long as 2000.
  • Newspaper style: The stories will be presented as news stories from the future. Entrants can tackle human interest stories focusing on one fictional individual, or international matters of economic boons related to seasteading, or anything in between that could reasonably be conceived as plausible (so long as it has a human element).
  • Wide audience: Stories should be written with a wide audience in mind and be as politically neutral as possible. We wish to promote seasteading as an outlet for anyone to create and test innovative governments and we will not choose to publish stories that are overtly offensive to a particular political disposition.
  • Hypothetical year: Stories should be identified with a hypothetical year they take place. That is, does the story take place 5, 10, 20, 50 years from now?
  • All stories will be considered licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. This means others will be free to share and adapt the work, so long as attribution is giving to the author.

Before writing we suggest authors review our website, particularly our introduction, strategy and FAQ pages. Although it was not written in newspaper style, we have an example of a seasteading story from the future written by Patri.

We look forward to many submissions from our talented supporters. Please email your submission to