February 1, 2011

Help Us Name the Seasteading Book (and win $100, a signed copy, and an acknowledgement!)

Following the lead of [Bryan Caplan’s crowdsourced book title](, we’d [like to get ideas for the title of the Seasteading book]( We’re reasonably settled on “Seasteading” as the main title, but we need a subtitle which is exciting gets our central message across. We can’t guarantee we’ll use the title in the final product, but if we use your title for our book proposal, which we’ll be using to land a great agent and publisher, we’ll give you $100, credit in the acknowledgments, and a signed copy of the book when it comes out.

First, a little about the book: It’s a work of popular social science which takes ideas from economics and political science and presents them to an intelligent general audience. Our central contention is that progress is driven by parallel experimentation, and this is as true for government as it is for science, technology, and biology.

Rules are a type of technology – social technology – which allows us to cooperate more effectively. We currently see very little innovation in politics due to a lack of experimentation, and the best to fix this is by developing the technology to settle the ocean. This will reinvigorate the declining technology of governance and make the world a much, much better place. We describe the challenges involved, our strategy, and provide a possible timeline.

The key themes of the book we’d like to get across in the subtitle are:

1. Floating city states!
2. Experimentation!
3. Progress!

It’s always fun to come up with witty titles, but that’s not really what we’re looking for. We want someone picking up the book in their local Borders to be able to see what the book is about without deciphering any cryptic metaphors or references. Advice from the publishing industry generally recommends going for a subtitle which clearly communicates the promise of the book: what it’ll tell the reader and what they’ll get out of it. (Read these: [Article 1](, [Article 2](, [Article 3](

Here are a few ideas we’ve been tossing around:

* Seasteading: The Coming Wave of Startup Societies
* Seasteading: Building the countries of tomorrow on the open ocean
* Seasteading: How startup societies on the ocean can bring progress to politics
* Seasteading: How floating city states will bring the entrepreneurial spirit to government
* Seasteading: How floating city states can unleash the power of ideas and bring progress to politics
* Seasteading: Why startup societies on the open ocean will create progress toward a more peaceful and prosperous world

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