November 15, 2010

State of Art of Oceanic Industry

This brief report , State of the Art of Oceanic Industry for the Establishment of Autonomous Ocean Communities, studies the first point of the potential areas of research for seasteading purposes. This is, we do a brief introduction to the how the oceanic industry can solve nowadays the problem of living in the middle of ocean in the form of permanent establishments.

Resume and Conclusions:

After having studied the state of the art of ocean industry, we have learned that the required technologies for seasteading, as a form of ocean colonization, are already being used, mainly in the cruise and offshore industries:

– In the cruise industry, the concept of neighborhoods aboard the mega-cruise ship Oasis of The Seas, demonstrates that level of comfort aboard a ship can be the same or even of a higher level than that on land.
– In the offshore industry, floating hotels can accommodate hundreds of people for weeks or even months in the open ocean very far from shore.

Apart from these proven technologies, a variety of new designs are being developing, and not only in the cruise and offshore industry. The most promising ones are those related to Very Large Floating Structures, VLFS, and, more specifically, the concepts being researched for the Mobile Offshore Base are some of the most interesting for seasteading.

But as already explained in the introduction, seasteading by definition presents a unique set of challenges with its corresponding potential areas of research. In this report, we have only gone through the “state of the art” of ocean industry, as the first step in the research activities. But there is still much work to be done.