September 16, 2009

Final Reminder: Second Annual Seasteading Conference & First-Ever Ephemerisle Festival!

We’d like to remind everyone of our upcoming [Second Annual Conference]( and [First-Ever Ephemerisle Festival](, where the far-flung seasteading community will gather in person to explore the theory and practice of seasteading.

### Second Annual Seasteading Conference

_September 28th – 30th, San Francisco, CA_

People from from across the globe have registered to see [esteemed speakers]( like TSI Funder and PayPal founder [Peter Thiel](, Stanford University’s [Paul Romer](, HavenCo founder [Sean Hastings](, anarchist economist [David Friedman](, _How To Start Your Own Country_ author Erwin Strauss, controversial political blogger [Mencius Moldbug](, and many more. Featuring the unveiling of our strategy for the next 5 years, a unique seasteading simulation, Annual Open Board Meeting, and our Annual Member’s Dinner, you don’t want to miss this gathering of luminaries, entrepreneurs, and pioneers – so [register today](!

For more information, check out [the conference webpage](

### World’s Only First-Ever Ephemerisle Festival

_October 2nd-4th, Sacramento Delta, CA_

To make seasteading happen, we need practice as well as theory, which is why this year our conference is accompanied by the first ever [Ephemerisle festival]( of politics, community, and art. Out on the water we’ll work, play, talk, and immerse ourselves in a deep but temporary world of possibility. We’re constructing 3 main platforms (a prototype is pictured above, holding a coffeeshop-in-a-trailer), to which numerous houseboats, ships, and homebuilt platforms will dock – each with their own set of laws. And we’ve awarded 7 grants so far to [art projects]( such as those pictured below:

The attendees of this year’s Ephemerisle will be able to say, for the rest of their lives: “I was there when it all started.” Don’t miss your chance to begin at the beginning and contribute to the future of an event that will change the world – [register today](! For more information, check out [the Ephemerisle webpage](, as well as [Patri’s discussion of how Ephemerisle advances seasteading](

### Newsletters

Our September Newsletter will likely be delayed as we produce, participate in, and recover from these events. To tide you over, check out our conference & ephemerisle newsletters:

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