May 11, 2009

Going Galt (humor)

Cute parody post from Sadly, No!, a “liberal/progressive humor site”:

> I’ve had enough. [Dr. Helen is right]( The Chrysler debacle was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Unless it was the Dijon mustard. Whatever. I’m not going to play along anymore. I will no longer be blogging just to enrich Google or BlogAds or somebody else who just siphons our money and redirects it towards a usurper who wants to destroy capitalism. Blogging is not a suicide pact.

> I quit. This is it. The end. I will not be blogging one word until we have responsible, small-government, free market leadership back in the White House.

> UPDATE: Do not write me. Do not call me. Do not e-mail me. I’m serious.

> UPDATE II: I will be updating this post periodically throughout the day to present my early impressions of Going Galt from blogging.

> …

> UPDATE IV: Quick hit — the best part about seasteading is “Fuck you, world.”

It continues on through many more amusing updates…