April 7, 2009

Cato Unbound / Thousand Nations

I have the great privilege of writing the lead essay in this month’s Cato Unbound: [Beyond Folk Activism]( It describes a framework for evaluating libertarian activist movements which suggests that things like the nationwide LP (and Cato itself) are a dead-end, while alternatives like the Free State Project and Seasteading actually have a chance.

Also, we have launched [Let A Thousand Nations Bloom](, a sister-blog to TSI, which will contain all of the [dynamic geography]( and political theory/discussion from the TSI blog, plus additional content by guest authors about the more general topic of competitive government. If you are interested, please subscribe, and if you are not interested, be happy that such content will no longer be on the main blog :). The new blog doesn’t have much content yet, but it will build up over the coming weeks and months.

If you are a blogger, please help promote Let A Thousand Nations Bloom by adding it to your blogroll, posting about it, and linking to posts on it that you think are good. Note that since it is about a more general topic than seasteading, it may appeal to those who are interested in political change but skeptical about seasteading specifically.