January 1, 2009

Need help generating speaking engagements and seasteading socials

I will be making a number of trips in 2009 for TSI-related business and speaking engagements, and I need your help to maximize the number of people I can meet and reach on each of these trips. There are two major ways you can help:

1. Get a [talk]( or speaking engagement for me. Groups that might be interested include futurists, transhumanists, libertarians, and engineering & architecture departments at local colleges or universities.
2. Coordinate a social for locals interested in seasteading – doesn’t have to be anything fancy, dinner or drinks at a bar works fine. You pick the venue and try to generate interest (through friends, local social groups that you may belong to, etc.)

If you’re interested in doing either of these, please email [](, and let us know where you live. (If you previously marked yourself on the volunteer wiki as a regional evangelist, we probably have you down already). We are particularly interested in people who live in the US Northeast, as I have two upcoming trips there already:

* [New Hampshire Liberty Forum]( – March 5th-8th. I am interested in visiting Boston before or after, if anyone can arrange talks / socials there.
* GMU Public Choice Workshop April 8th (Fairfax, Virginia). I could easily visit DC before or after, and I plan to visit Philadelphia and NYC, probably after.

So if you are in Boston, New Hampshire, DC, Philadelphia, or NYC, and willing to help me spread the word about seasteading, please [drop us an email](! Other possible trips in the next few months include Miami and Panama City.