January 21, 2009

Engineering report is up!

MI&T has been burning the midnight oil to get [this engineering report](/files/MIandT040_08_R1_Seastead_Exec_Sum.pdf) out. It is 50 pages of information about our hotel resort, full of detail for those of technical inclination:[](

* Design requirements
* Architectural design of 7-story Hotel/Casino/Resort
* Sizing, weight
* Support machinery
* Metocean conditions (wind, waves, current), wave scatter diagrams for possible locations.
* Hydrodynamics, incl. motions in 1-year, 10-year, and 100-year storms.
* Structural analysis
* Installation and commissioning sequence
* Conclusions

Now, keep in mind that this is just the Executive Summary of the work so far! There will be more detail released over the coming weeks as the design work gets wrapped up and polished. We still need to bring you spreadsheets, costs, hydrodynamic model files, wave modeling movies, fly-by animations, sketch-up models, and lots more.