October 14, 2008

Snippets for 10/13/2008

Mainly last week was all about the conference, but there are a few other things…

  • Community
    • Seasteading 2008 happened!  60+ people from 8+ countries – what a great first conference!  Thanks to everyone who came, adn there’s lots more info on the TSI Conference Page and Participant Conference Page.
    • One idea that came out of the conference was starting a sailing club as part of the SF Bay Area seastead social activities.  This will let us practice useful skills, and help for Ephemerisle.  Here’s the wiki page and Google Group.  If you’re in the area – join us!
    • Many of those who attended seasteading08, including myself, will be at the Singularity Summit in a couple weeks.  See you there!
    • As posted earlier, volunteer requests page has been updated.  We will process the volunteer offers from the conference soon.
  • Engineering
    • Moving towards patent filing.
    • Met w/ consultants last week before conference to talk about architectural design for the topside of Coaststead.  Some cool stuff.  We suggested some revisions.  We’ll be able to post SketchUp models once the patent is filed.
  • Research
  • Publicity