May 19, 2008

TSI 2008 Strategy

 The Strategic Area sections have been updated with our goals for 2008, and they are also included below:

  • Community
  • Engineering
    • Design PintStead (demonstrates stable flotation)
    • Build AquariumStead (demonstrates stable flotation)
    • Build PoolStead (demonstrates ballast control, stability, mobility, mating/synchronization)
    • Hire a Director of Engineering
    • Do conceptual design for seasteads (entire series, from baystead up to full ocean-going seasteads).  Figure out key issues – materials, shape, etc.
    • ? Design/Build Baystead (PoolStead equivalent for bay, can hold 1 person).
    • Complete design for CoastStead, be ready to build it 2009.
  • Research
    • Hire full-time Chief Scientist, and obtain grants for research related to our mission (any of the zillion ways to make better technology for permanent ocean settlements).
    • Establish Distributed Research Program for supplemental research (described below).
    • Finish the Book Beta, self-publish it w/ POD, and look for a real publisher for the next version.
    • Establish a Scientific Advisory Board of experts in the many fields related to seasteading.
    • Perform basic political feasibility study to learn about international maritime law and how it affects us.