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Thanks for all the response!

Hey everyone.  The response from the net this week has been phenomenal, which means we’re a bit swamped with emails.  Many of them are offers to volunteer or form collaborative relationships, which is great!  We have a big vision, a small staff, and a small budget, so your help is crucial in bringing this dea into reality.

We’re a bit overwhelmed right now, so we won’t be able to get back to y’all as fast as we’d like (especially since this is not yet a full-time job for Wayne or I), but we hope to find some time over the upcoming 3-day weekend to sort through and respond to everything.

Keep the emails coming – we need your help!

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2008 Conference Date/Location Feedback!

We’re considering a couple different locations and dates for our first annual conference in the fall, and would like your feedback.  We’re tentatively planning for October 5th or 12th, in the SF Bay Area.  So please let us know if there is another major related event that conflicts with these dates.

For location, we have two main possible areas:

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Call For Volunteers!

Like many non-profits, we have ambitious goals and limited resources, and volunteer assistance is crucial for making up the difference.  Seasteading attracts some amazingly talented people, and I hope that a few of you have the free time to lend us a hand.  I’ve posted our current set of requests here, and am reproducing the list below.  Each job title links to its description on the volunteer page.

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Reagan’s Shining Cities on the High Seas

(A guest post from Joe Lonsdale, Chairman of the Board here at TSI)

At first glance, it might appear that an American working to create new systems of government on the high seas is not very pro-America.  How could working to create new, separate systems of government, external to our national sovereignty, be a loyal act?  We’re a diverse community – not every seasteader loves America or his or her home country, and many might be eager to escape.  Others will come looking for profit or adventure.  But in fact, many of us who are passionate about the cause of Seasteading are patriots, proud to serve and die for our country.

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