Establishment of autonomous ocean communities: current options and future evolution

September 8, 2011 by

After many months of research, I present the final document of the dissertation that I am submitting to the PhD committee at my University. The full text can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, it is in Spanish, and with only a small abstract in English, but The Seasteading Institute is planning to have it translated into English. Continue reading

Offshore and Coastal Floating Hotels: Flotels

June 6, 2011 by

This technical note recently published in the International Journal of Maritime Engineering considers the structures used today in the maritime and ocean industries to accommodate people in semipermanent accommodation at sea: the floating hotels, or flotels. Continue reading

Offshore Accommodation Ships. Passenger Ships or Special Purpose Ships?

January 8, 2011 by

This article, set to be published in the next issue of Offshore Support Journal, discusses the two possible codes under which an Offshore Accommodation Ship (or Flotel Ship) can be built: Passenger Ship or Special Purpose Ship.

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Flotels in the World

December 2, 2010 by

This report from Lau Continue reading

Recent uses of Flotels: FIFA World Cup

July 15, 2010 by

The use of flotels during the 2010 FIFA World Cup recently won by Spain is an example of the possibilities and variety of uses of flotels, but we will see here another two recent examples; we dedicate special efforts to study the technology and uses of flotels, as this is the state of the art of maritime technology for offering accommodation to people at sea:&nb Continue reading

Flotel 92

April 15, 2010 by

Many designs proposed for seasteading purposes suffer from the inconvenience of being suitable for calm waters close to the coast, but not for international waters, where waves, wind and current are bigger. But some lessons can be learned from these designs.

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