The Seasteading Institute December 2009 Newsletter

December 10, 2009 by

## The Seasteading Institute December 2009 Newsletter ##

>_We ought to avail ourselves of the sea, building floating cities on it so that we can move southward or northward according to the time of year…. Continue reading

TSI Hiring: Development Manager / Community Relations

October 20, 2009 by

We have [a new job posting up](

> TSI’s Development Manager will be working on two main areas: Community & Awareness, and Fundraising. On the Community side, they will help manage events, PR, TSI’s membership program, community feedback, and related areas. Continue reading

Seasteading sub-reddit

June 7, 2009 by

Travis has created a [seasteading sub-reddit]( This is a site that allows you to share and vote on links, much like digg. This is a functionality I’ve wanted for the site from the beginning, so it’s great to have it! Continue reading

Seasteading Statistics

June 4, 2009 by

Over the past 3 months, someone has googled for seasteading every 7 minutes, on average. (And then clicked through to That’s pretty good public awareness!

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Tribe & Livejournal Community

December 18, 2008 by

Liz has already started to revamp and expand our online presence.  Check out the community page, which now has links to:

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Call For Volunteers!

May 19, 2008 by

Like many non-profits, we have ambitious goals and limited resources, and volunteer assistance is crucial for making up the difference.  Seasteading attracts some amazingly talented people, and I hope that a few of you have the free time to lend us a hand.  I’ve posted our current set of requests here, and am reproducing the list below.  Each job title links to its description on the volunteer page.

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Dunbar’s Number and Seastead Size

April 21, 2008 by

(This is a small new section for the book beta.  I will frequently post such sections as writing progress on the book continues.  Comments welcome.)

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