TSI Hiring: Development Manager / Community Relations

We have [a new job posting up](

> TSI’s Development Manager will be working on two main areas: Community & Awareness, and Fundraising. On the Community side, they will help manage events, PR, TSI’s membership program, community feedback, and related areas.

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Seasteading sub-reddit

Travis has created a [seasteading sub-reddit]( This is a site that allows you to share and vote on links, much like digg. This is a functionality I’ve wanted for the site from the beginning, so it’s great to have it!

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Seasteading Statistics

Over the past 3 months, someone has googled for seasteading every 7 minutes, on average. (And then clicked through to That’s pretty good public awareness!

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Call For Volunteers!

Like many non-profits, we have ambitious goals and limited resources, and volunteer assistance is crucial for making up the difference.  Seasteading attracts some amazingly talented people, and I hope that a few of you have the free time to lend us a hand.  I’ve posted our current set of requests here, and am reproducing the list below.  Each job title links to its description on the volunteer page.

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