Seakeeping performance in a Seastead

   Seakeeping performance becomes of increasing importance when designing floating structures: regulatory bodies and operators are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of specifying seakeeping requirements which the vessel or marine structure must meet. When designing a seastead, this analysis becomes of paramount importance.
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Wendy Sitler-Roddier on Seasteading Architecture

ClubStead’s architect Wendy Sitler-Roddier answers a number of questions about the [ClubStead]( design:

1) What parts of the ClubStead Project were you specifically part of, and who was responsible for the other (building and architectural) details?

MI&T designed and engineered the platform for the proposed ClubStead structure and I was commissioned by MI&T to conceptualize the architecture on the 400’-0” by 400’-0” square deck.

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ClubStead flyby: HD

We have a higher-resolution version of the flyby video posted awhile back. You can [download it]( or watch it on YouTube below.

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We have a final cost estimate for ClubStead!

The final engineering report is just about done, it will probably go up on Monday. Just wanted to update y’all with the cost numbers. The final design has 368,200 ft^2 of area, and 160,000 ft^2 of footprint (400×400), at a total cost of $95,300,700. This cost includes all structural elements, the hotel, generators, thrusters, fire safety, HVAC, fresh water system, and sewage.

That works out to $258/ft^2 of area, or $600/ft^2 of solar footprint, which is in line with our initial estimates.

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ClubStead Engineering Hub


I’ve created [a hub for information about our ClubStead hotel/resort design]( It contains all the info posted so far, plus a SketchUp model for you to play with.

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Animation of ClubStead in 15 foot waves

The next trickle from our engineering wrap-up: a video of the ClubStead design in a hydrodynamic simulation of movement in 15′ waves. [Download the WMV](, or watch it on YouTube:

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