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  • We’re excited to share the winners of our Floating City Project – Architectural Design Contest, held in partnership with DeltaSync (Netherlands) and judged by an international panel of experts.

  • This could be the best, most succinct talk about seasteading ever. In under twelve minutes my colleague Joe Quirk explains how seasteading is the answer to the world’s most difficult problems. You will want to […]

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    Respect for property rights
    Predictable laws
    Open unrestricted trade

    Suppose through careful investigation you discovered that these are the key elements that allow societies to prosper. How do you embody […]

  • Thank you for the compliment Ellmer.

    @_is_j_smith. This contest is specific to our Floating City Project, which is a feasible floating design. Please see our Floating City Project report for details. It’s […]

  • ThumbnailThe Floating City Project
    Architectural Design Contest

    Attention architects, engineers, designers and students. You can influence the design of the first floating city and take a shot at winning a cash prize, […]

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    Your dream to leave land behind and experience a new life at sea is now a possibility.
    The Seasteading Institute is consulting with a new unscripted television series for a major cable network. The show is […]

  • ThumbnailI hope this week-long series (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5) has been enjoyable to read, even if the content frustrated you like it has me. I felt compelled to share this story with you for a multitude of reasons:

    1. I […]

  • ThumbnailToday we present the final installment in our five-part-series chronicling my efforts to get the FDA to confirm or deny a hypothesis I came came up with over a year ago. Rather than recap each part of the series, […]

    • A valid analysis and a constructive proposal. I suggest that we understand that FDA and its way of doing things is just a pixel in a bigger picture which is :

      – the general role of interference (concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t56351996/business-and-third-party-interference-freedom/ ) on a 7 billion inhabitant planet.
      – The urgent need of breaking free of soffocating interference to unleash the power of fast R&D ( concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t58921987/sustainability-population-growth-consumption-growth-ocean-co/ )
      – The application of a break free strategy following existing successful models (concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t58935854/subdue-to-nobody/ )
      – The understanding that this is a cultural movement as old as the enlightenment questions ( concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t57057056/ocean-colonization-enlightenment-industrial-revolution-front/ )
      – The understanding that all above is necessary for humanity to grow out of its childhood pants (concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t58993851/humanity-growing-out-of-its-childhood-pants/ )

      – The quest to get rid of politics in all its forms (http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t57838040/blockchain-technology/ )

    • …. i am quite familiar with this topic from my years as product group manager in the pharmaceutical industry, in fact i was in a case where a non FDA approved experimental substance from the research pipeline was handed out to European top medics (university clinics) for special cancer treatment of terminal ill patients. We got a special permit to “circumvent the approval sistem” because all involved top experts considerd it “obsolete and non applieable for terminal illness” even then – that was back in 1994 in Vienna Austria… Interference freedom in pharma research and fast track for new treatments has just increased its urgency since then. A big problem is also this nasty habit of american patients to sue their doctors … for all kind of real or imagined failure… medic science is not always exact science where you can do double blind experiments on geneticly identcial patients to measure “successfull” or “correct” treatment. Even many established treatments are just a “educated guess” this opens the door for endless multi million law suits that are fought on base of “diverging expert opinions” in courts where the judge has no idea of the subject…so moving out of jurisdiction is definitly a way to fast track things in advanced treatments with a high uncertainty component. At the moment the sistem puts a “slow buerocratic apparatus” in charge of the decision what dose of uncertainty is the correct one. In a future this decision might rest in the patients hands supported by a “ethics commission” of medic experts. You might want to choose a different dose of treatment risk for “flu treatment of healthy babies” than for “last chance treatment of terminal ill cancer patients”. The current sistem is not flexible enough. A “blockchain voting sistem” might help to find “politicly correct” decisions without going over the sclerotic FDA approval sistem.

  • ThumbnailPlease enjoy this fourth installment in our five-part series about my efforts to investigate my hypothesis that a foreign-flagged vessel could legally operate a non-FDA approved medical business out of a U.S. […]

    • Randy, this brings up questions i present here: http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t59233156/fda-approval-process-for-a-medical-seastead/

      Being the most important:

      Since you did contact them – technically you are now in a “open permit process” and if you build a seastead now, a FDA lawyer will turn that against you for not waiting until the “due process is done”. If you had built without asking, you would have in favor that there is no law “against” building medical seasteads outside of US jurisdiction and obviously can’t be. What your intervention now allows them is to “put a passus on a existing law” saying something like “FDA competence expands to US citicens wherever in the world might be” – expanding their jurisdiction.

      As you masterly describe in your blog – there is no incentive for an FDA burocrate to move things forward – this works both ways – there is also no incentive for them to get involved in a lawsuit on a fussy legal base to punish a venture that is “obviously out of their jurisdiction” …. because it did not ask them for a permit. Even more so if this venture is stuffed with good lawyers and arguments to defend its point. – And has public support because it is doing ethical good medicine helping patients.

      On the other hand in “asking for permit” you already recognized that you aknowledge them in actually “being a entity you should ask” – so you handed your strongest card over without a fight. That is a “business implementation strategy you might want to rethink…

    • I think we can take for given that no US warship will “open fire” “arrest personal” or “tow to a police pier” or “interrupt by any means”- someting like this – no matter what happens on the legal and ruling front – just to avoid the “political fire” this unevitably would bring up. – This is a “project base condition” you can count on – the applyable ruleset does not matter. Doing something like that would just not “feel right” for 99,9% of the planetary population – and this is something that matters. Admirality law and war style blockades are authority processes that are trending to the trash basket of history for the reasons described here – http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t58993851/humanity-growing-out-of-its-childhood-pants/ – these things are born in a different century made for a different society – things are changing… http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t57838040/blockchain-technology/

      Instead of adapting your project 100% to the ruleset of the century gone – you need to make sure that it has the “ethical approval” of “most of mankind” – this – and the protection of the sea – will be sufficient.

    • If you are a visionary and move a visionary project forward, you need to act, talk, defend yourself like a visionary, you need visionary investors to support your cause. Uncertainty is part of the deal. Asking FDA for a permit and clarification is acting like a bureaucrat….asking for “relevant legal frames” is acting like a bureaucrat…the eternal surreal pain of K in Kafkas novel comes from the fact that he is trying to break out of the sistem while stuck inside the sistem and acting inside the sistem.

      So stop acting like K and start acting like a visionary or K’s “eternal pain” will all be yours…. FDA is really good in BEING the Castle – as close as it gets in a real world application…

      the antithesis to the castle is : http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t58935854/subdue-to-nobody/

    • Is not that simple as “talk the talk” or ‘walk the walk”, ellmer. And you know that,…

    • nothing is simple in life – the beauty of life is that it is a challenge…enjoy it…

  • ThumbnailHere is the third installment in our five part series about my efforts to investigate my hypothesis that a foreign-flagged vessel could legally operate a non-FDA approved medical business out of a U.S. port, as […]

    • Randy you have my respect for really trying….. only a “firm believer in the sistem” who has completly ruled out the idea that the sistem could be “basicly flawed in its core” would do that…

    • Randy, why not operating from non-US ports and take the med-stead “out of jurisdiction” for good…

    • IANAL but I do not understand why do not simply have a non-US ship, with a non-US flag, operating from a non-US port, in the international waters.
      Just use a third party service to ferry the patients from and to the US ports to the Health Ship

    • I forgot to add, the personnel of the Health Ship must not be US citizens or residents or US licensed.

    • This is good work. It is a pioneering work. There are some actual answers, but no answer is an answer too. That is a default.
      I have a few professional certification on the medical field, and these certifications come with a few letters after my name (I am not a doctor). When I deal with governmental agencies regualting my profession, I use these letters behind my name. This seems to speed up the process for me. The system seems to work faster within. Seasteading, and medseasteading seems to be the cutting edge of political regulations. Agencies might be reluctant to make statements because it could be used in litigations, when litigations come up.

      In the medical field there are often dead human bodies.
      Returning to any port with a dead human body will require some explanation.
      Good luck to you, and good luck to me.
      And by the way, good work.

    • Randy, Project setup questions and solutions you might to want to discuss with your investors:

    • I can’t wait until the next series “TSI tries to get a flag-of-convenience for their medial cruise-to-nowhere ship”. That will prove to be more enlightening than this one…

    • Five minutes of Google-Fu and I found the “Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886” and the “Merchant Marine Act of 1920” which state that foreign-built and foreign-flagged ships which depart from a U.S. port and return to that same port are permitted to operate and are not regulated by the Code of Laws of the United States.


      The above section also gives pretty clear contact information:

      (d) The owner or charterer of a foreign vessel or any other interested person may request from Headquarters, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Attention: Cargo Security, Carriers & Immigration Branch, Office of International Trade, an advisory ruling as to whether a contemplated voyage would be considered to be coastwise transportation in violation of 46 U.S.C. 289. Such a request shall be filed in accordance with the provisions of part 177, CBP Regulations (19 CFR part 177).

  • ThumbnailThis is the second part in our five part series. Yesterday Joe shared how I came up with a hypothesis that a foreign-flagged vessel could legally operate a non-FDA approved medical business out of a U.S. port, as […]

  • Welcome to the first part of a five-part series that recounts my efforts over the past year to initiate a medical tourism business functioning outside of the jurisdiction of US government agencies, while operating […]

  • ThumbnailFact-finding & Diplomatic Floating City Project Mission
    Last month we took a delegation of architects and engineers to an undisclosed location on a fact-finding and diplomatic mission for our Floating City […]

  • ThumbnailWE WERE STUNNED to receive this gorgeous and informative work of art! Mammoth Infographics created an elegant integration of prose and pictures – a perfect way to introduce your friends to the promise of […]

    • Two comments:

      1) Algasol’s floating photobioreactor technology has just been awarded the US patent. These photobioreactors are being deployed in the estuaries of the Bangladesh river delta region where brackish water provides the required flotation density. The current market for algal fish feed from Algasol’s photobioreactors is in the millions of tonnes per year at $3000/tonne and better than a 50% profit margin. As these PBRs prefer a salt water flotation medium but require wave breaks for oceanic deployment, they will provide an immediate economic driver for macroengineered floating oceanic structures, starting with their wavebreaks. The cost of the wavebreaks goes up only as the square root of the area protected from high sea state, so if the wavebreaks are engineered properly, they can double as ocean-front seasteads for agricultural settlements. Basing initial frontier settlement on agriculture is tried and true, so it would be good for the Seasteading Institute to look into Algasol’s technology and run the numbers.

      2) One of the more rational voices about global warming, Christopher Landsea, has now come out in favor of developing the Atmospheric Vortex Engine as a way of converting oceanic thermal energy to useable power. An advantage enjoyed by AVEtec over OTEC is the larger temperature differences available to drive higher Carnot efficiency heat engines.

  • ThumbnailAlbert K Lu is the managing director of WB Wealth Management and creator and host of The Power & Market Report.  He engaged Randolph Hencken, Executive Director of the Seasteading Institute, in a wide-ranging […]

  • Ellmer, I’ve seen the Ecuadorian coast guard base before. DO you know how large it is? Doesn’t look like 50m sides to in the video.

  • ThumbnailWe’ve entered the next phase of the Floating City Project. A model of the design we produced with our colleagues at DeltaSync is currently being tested in a towing tank at the University of New Orleans, School of […]

  • ThumbnailAt long last, the Meeting of the Joes occurred. The Joe Rogan Experience was named one of iTunes’ “Best of 2010” audio podcasts in its first year. Rogan conducted one of the most deepgoing authentic conversations […]

  • ThumbnailHis first morning at Burning Man, Grover Norquist and his wife Samah made a beeline for the seasteaders.

    At our invitation, the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, who famously shocked an […]

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    The Institute is delighted to welcome Cal Abel to our Engineering Board of Advisors. Cal is a Nuclear and Radiological Engineering PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology. Cal has a Masters and […]

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