Nishant Bagadia on medical tourism at the Seasteading Conference 2012



  1. Daniel Connelly 5:58 pm

    Earlier in the video you have mentioned that 95% of individuals who live in the United States will be medically insured, I am sorry to state that most Americans will not be insured and that in fact that most Americans will be homeless. I am in the workforce, I have been for many years now. I will lose my house, my salary, my car, and all things of which I own. Americans do need medical help than may be expected one year from now. I am sorry for the negative response, but the government of the USA will not improve medically for the next decade.

  2. George Wade 9:35 pm

    Price is important, of course: quality even more so. One holistic hospital I visited did diagnosis and treatment unavailable in Canada and the US. Heavy metal toxicity and chelation to eliminate those metals: much cheaper and quicker than treatment for degenerative disease like heart disease, stroke and cancer that would have followed.

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