Poll on holding a 2010 Seasteading Conference on a cruise ship


Terry Floyd gave an unconference presentation at Seasteading09 about the possibility of holding a conference on a cruise ship. This could replace or supplement our 2010 Conference (for example, it could be in a different region like Europe, Asia, or the US Eastern Seaboard). Terry created a survey which many conference attendees have filled out, and we’d like to get y’alls responses as well.

[Fill Out The Survey Here](http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=8dyp1NzACT6q6pxkEFWM8g_3d_3d)

BTW, videos from the conference should start appearing this week or next!

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  1. JLMadrigal 2:07 pm

    An alternative or supplementary route would be holding several videoconferences per year. This would allow greater and more frequent participation by the less mobile, and showcase the computer skills of the seasteading forefathers.

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