Help Us Plan Our Strategy!


Here at TSI, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve our strategy. We recently published a [strategy document]( and a [vision timeline](, but these are only the beginning, covering things at a very high level.

We also want results sooner. Our current timeline & strategy describe modest achievements — a prototype seastead built, a successful ocean-based business operating — by the end of 2010. We’ve been thinking in recent weeks that we can, and want to, do better. Continue reading

Detailed Engineering Reports For ClubStead Are Available!


#### Reports

The [ClubStead]( page has been significantly expanded as the executive summary has been replaced by a series of 7 reports covering a variety of engineering topics. Continue reading

Basesteading Update: Wiki, location DRP


The [basesteading]([outpost]( project that [I blogged about earlier]( now has a [wiki page]( Continue reading

Defense Science Board Task Force Report on Sea Basing


August 2003, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. [An unclassified report](, which begins:

> The geography of the United States, as an island power with the need to project military power across two great oceans, has made amphibious warfare a core competence in the American way of war – one that will continue to be critical in protecting U.S. national interests.

> Future warfighting concepts of operations call for light, rapidly deployable, maneuver forces supported by remote fires. Continue reading

Going Galt (humor)


Cute parody post from Sadly, No!, a “liberal/progressive humor site”:

> I’ve had enough. [Dr. Helen is right]( The Chrysler debacle was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Unless it was the Dijon mustard. Whatever. I’m not going to play along anymore. I will no longer be blogging just to enrich Google or BlogAds or somebody else who just siphons our money and redirects it towards a usurper who wants to destroy capitalism. Blogging is not a suicide pact.

> I quit. Continue reading

Unqualified Reservations on seasteading


While I don’t agree with his evaluation of seasteading, Mencius Moldbug is one of the major bloggers advocating for a world of competing private governments, so it is great to see him [engage with our ideas]( (as well as wielding his characteristic wit against democrophilia). Continue reading

Future Islands: Art by Joy Lohmann


> There are many ideas of a better world floating around the globe. Continue reading

April 2009 Newsletter


### April Highlights:

#### Birthday, Annual Report and New Membership Program.

On April 15th, 2009 was a big day here at TSI. The Seasteading Institute has released its [Annual Report]( and announced a new and improved [Membership Program](

* The [Annual Report]( is an examination of the past year and a peek into our future, along with information on our financial status from an independent accounting firm. Continue reading

Design Contest Entries Are In – Vote For Your Favorite!


41 designs were submitted as part of our [design contest](, including many outstanding entries. Go check out the gallery to view the entries and vote on your favorite for the $250 Community Choice award. Check back to see the winners on May 15th! Continue reading

Residential Cruise Ships


Two articles. The site is kinda spammy but the articles are good:

* [Smart Buyer’s Guide to Residential Cruise Ships](
* [The Frugal Shopper’s Guide to Luxury Living Onboard a Residential Cruise Ship](
Continue reading