Water-powered jet pack


A seastead resort would of course have air and water sports equipment for vacationers. This would make a nice addition – a water-powered jet pack! Imagine doing this on the ocean…

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(via [dvice](http://dvice.com/archives/2009/01/water_jetpack_m.php))


  1. Thorizan 4:15 pm

    That would be a blast (pun intended).  Life on the seas is sounding funner and funner every day.

  2. Carl Pålsson 11:36 pm

     It is interesting how water makes experimenting with something like this practical. Doing the same thing over land would be quite dangerous.

  3. Joep 11:38 pm

    Couldn’t this develop into a safe way to get from a ship on the seastead and vice versa?

    Water is also powerful enough to lift a car:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFEOctt9-UE

    We’d need a fire department on Seastead anyway, won’t we :)

  4. Thorizan 2:51 am

    Unless everything was made of pykrete, yes. :)

  5. Al3x 5:48 am

    this is pretty  cool , could probably used for other things beside "fun"

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