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Patri mixes it up w/ some FSPers on Free Talk Live

There is a lot in common between the [Free State Project]( and Seasteading. Both have their origins in people who are fed up with traditional political activism, tired of talking about better government, and ready to start living it. I am developing a talk for libertarians for my upcoming speaking tours where I analyze methods of changing governments, why the standard ones (proselytizing, policy activism) don’t work, and why structural change is needed. Why it’s time for action, not for more debating.

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Engineering Q&A Webcast: About to happen

[View the live webcast](, it is about to start. We will be saving the recording, and creating a transcript as well.

UPDATE: You can [view the archive of the webcast here](

Here is the YayBoo, if you want to add and vote questions.

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Water-powered jet pack

A seastead resort would of course have air and water sports equipment for vacationers. This would make a nice addition – a water-powered jet pack! Imagine doing this on the ocean…

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January 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to TSI’s January 2009 Newsletter. As the staff, membership, and worldwide interest in seasteading keep growing, we continue to have more and more for you each month.

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Website issues – February 2nd

Unfortunately, our hosting provider (Dreamhost) seems to not work well with high-traffic Drupal sites. The site has been down on and off all day, due to traffic from the CNET piece this morning. Our heroic sysadmin Ben disabled logins so that the site could be served from a cache, which helped. You may have problems logging in, and posting comments or threads in the forum.

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Engineering Q&A Webcast

With the release of all the engineering documents on our [ClubStead page](, lots of questions have come up. For example, some people have pointed out that the topside weight and platform load are incompatible, and that there are negative airgaps in some of the big wave scenarios.

We believe strongly in the virtues of transparency, which is why we released the engineering information as soon as we could – right after the patent was filed – even though it isn’t complete.

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The Seasteading Institute Announces Architectural Design Contest for Seasteads

Palo Alto, CA. – Feb. 2nd, 2009 – The Seasteading Institute Announces Architectural Design Contest for Seasteads

The Seasteading Institute announced an open contest today which gives architects, engineers, students and hobbyists the opportunity to design the seastead of their dreams. Participants will compete for $2000 in prizes by creating 3-D models of working seasteads. Seasteads are permanent, stationary structures specifically designed for the purpose of long-term living in the marine environment.

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Royal Caribbean ad

[Solid_Choke]( [posted this ad in the forums](, it’s great! Almost like they are thinking along seasteading-type lines.

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FAQ: Why not just hide?

I’ve gotten this question several times recently, so I’ve drafted an answer for the book’s extended Q&A. Feedback would be welcome.

Some people’s instinctive reaction is to question why we need new countries when bad laws can just be dealt with by ignoring them, hiding illegal activities. What would you want to do on a seastead that you can’t just do in your own home? There are a number of serious problems with hiding as a solution to bad laws:

* **Integrity**.

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