Seasteading08 conference up on Google Video!


Thanks to our videographer Vijay and volunteer Chris Rasch, both halves of the conference are now available on Google Video.  We will have links to DVDs for online purchase shortly.

Disc 1

Disc 2


  1. Eelco 10:26 pm

    Yay, like i said, i love your intro talk patri: im going to send a link of it to a couple of people that i failed to convince of the merits of seasteading: i think youd do better.

    Slides would have been nice, but im surprised how little their absence matters really.

  2. vtoldude 11:41 pm

    You should really put these videos up on some P2P sites, to maximize publicity.

    As bandwidth is not an issue with most modern P2P, higher resolution videos can be distributed for free.

    Unless you plan on raising funds by distributing them on plastic that is. Personally I believe the publicity is worth more than any money you will make on selling discs… I volunteer to do it if need be.

    I agree with Eelco, good intro talk by Patri, with some new angles too (for me at least). Interesting. Almost makes me regret I didn´t attend…

  3. Patri 9:40 pm

    We are selling them on plastic for people who want them that way and to make money, but we also want to give them away for free.

    Once we have DVDs, how about we send you a set and you can put it on P2P, does that sound good?  Email volunteers-at-seasteading-dot-org to give us your snail mail address.

    Glad you liked the talk.

  4. Patri 1:08 am

     Slides: Keynote in PPTX format (Warning: presentation file is 350MB, some computers can’t load it).


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