Libertarian Island: No Rules, Just Rich Dudes


Alexis Madrigal, who wrote the wired story, is interviewed on NPRs Bryant Park Project.  It’s great to have passionate people out there evangelizing for us – Thanks Alexis!  Also see coverage on Gizmodo and Slashdot, which are…um…somewhat less evangelical :).


  1. Saeble 9:00 am

    When you want to get serious, have a yak with Tom Goreau about the bio-rock process.

    You could be building islands for about a 10th the cost you’re currently envisaging.

    I’ve got a cubic assload of good ideas in this vein to discuss with you if you really are serious.

    As an aside, I’m using Cryteks Sandbox map making engine as an Island building visualisation tool. For $20 you get a whole lot of very powerful tools for creating islands with and with a single keypress you can then jump into a boat or buggy and go for a drive around it… I’ll share my design with you if you like, once again, if you’re serious…

  2. Anonymous 2:42 pm

    But rich FREE dudes!

  3. jurisimprudent 9:59 pm

    I think they’re seriously serious.

  4. Danny Bloom 3:52 am

    Polar cities: Could seasteading be useful in Arctic waters?

    I love your vision. Read the Wired story online. Great reporting, great idea. Wonder if you guys have ever heard of my polar cities project, which Alexis Madrigal refuses to write about, I guess because we don’t have VIP people and rich Silicon Valley guys funding us, media media, but c’est la vie. Alexis sure is welcome to his press releases. SMILE.


    But seriously, guys, have you ever thought that your seasteading ideas could be useful for survivors of global warming in the future, when most people are dead and only "breeding pairs" survive in the Arctic regions, a la James Lovelock, and maybe also in seasteading communities anchored offshore in Alaska, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Russia? The more ideas we have out there, the better. More power to you.

  5. Jesrad 2:43 pm

    Why would you want to settle in the arctic when the next ice age is looming ?

  6. thenewgreen 9:48 pm

    …Citizenship is a problem to be solved?

    Great post on hubski regarding "rich dude island"

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