Conference & Ephemerisle are over

The website & blogs have been quiet because we’ve been very busy (obviously) with the conference & Ephemerisle, James & I just got back last night. I suspect this will be a bit of a decompression week for us, so don’t expect to hear much this week either, but I’ll try to get some links and roundups posted when I can.

Video: Open Sailing

Via Justin Pickard (who has some entertaining commentary) comes this video from Open Sailing. I had some trouble understanding the concept when I saw their website awhile back (perhaps a language issue?), but the video makes it clearer. I like their idea for swarming algorithms based on weather, political systems, and so forth to automatically suggest good clustering locations for all the participating vessels.

TSI Booth at Maker Faire – Video

This time-lapse video of Maker Faire by Bill Sherman was shot from right outside the TSI booth, so its basically a time-lapse video of us! You can see Liz throughout the video, as well as several volunteers, and a little of me (in the bright light blue shirt) towards the end.