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How does Patri spend his time?

People often ask me how I spend my time. Seasteading, after all, is a complex and audacious goal, and it isn’t immediately clear to most people exactly how someone would advance it. As it turns out, I’ve been tracking my time by project for the last couple months as an experiment in productivity enhancement. So while we’re working on improving our strategy documentation and 2011 plans, which we’ll of course share with you, I can actually tell you exactly what I spend most of my time on!

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Answers to some basic seasteading questions about strategy

On the [floating-festival mailing-list]( – now turned mostly to a marine hackerspace / bay area seasteading community list – Matt Bell asks some basic questions. Really, all these questions should be answered in a book, or a “How To Seastead” guide, but [our versions of those]( are about 8 years old and badly in need of update.

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