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The Seasteading Institute Seeks GIS Specialist

The Seasteading Institute is seeking a GIS Specialist to evaluate potential seasteading locations. We have a GIS data model which we use to evaluate potential seasteading locations. We need somebody proficient with GRASS (preferably) or ArcGIS who is able to fulfill occasional requests to implement changes to the model, run the model, and prepare the outputs.

The ideal candidate should:

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Join Patri and Brad for an online chat in “The Idea Room,” Tues, March 8, 2 PM ET/11 AM PT

Join Patri Friedman, Brad Taylor, and The Freeman, March 8 at 2 pm eastern for a 45-minute online chat about the market for governance and seasteading. Patri’s and Brad’s article, “Seasteading: Striking at the Root of Bad Government,” appeared in the March issue of The Freeman. The article alleges that the current market for governance is dominated by a group of large geographical monopolies not subject to competition.

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The Seasteading Institute launches The Magellan Network

To help us create a realistic and sustainable seasteading movement, The Seasteading Institute is proudly launching The Magellan Network. The Magellan Network is a network for individuals interested in active exploration and prototyping of business models related to novel legal environments on the ocean. It is an invitation-only group geared towards those who are best able to make progress towards this goal: investors, entrepreneurs, and accomplished business professionals.

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