The Seasteading Institute November 2009 Newsletter

At the Seasteading 2009 Conference, we were excited to unveil our new medium-term strategy, which we’ve dubbed The Poseidon Project. By 2015, TSI will create an independent seasteading community as the seed for the world’s first ocean city-state.

Seasteading 2009 Conference: Wrap-Up Newsletter

We at The Seasteading Institute would like to thank all of you for attending our second annual conference!  We had a wonderful time, and know that many of you did as well.  We’ve been very happy to hear how pleased you were with the event.

TSI August 2009 Newsletter

After many months of waiting and a round of questions, we have finally received our Letter of Determination from the IRS confirming our non-profit status. Press Release here.

TSI July 2009 newsletter

TSI needs your help. We have some great ideas about how to advance the vision of seasteading, but our financial resources are limited. We can’t depend on our single major donor forever, so we need to pull together as a community to independently fund important initiatives.

TSI June 2009 newsletter

The website for Ephemerisle has been launched! Our upcoming aquatic festival now has its very own domain. Take a look and be sure to join the mailing list and follow us on Twitter.

May Newsletter

TSI is hiring: Director of Engineering and new internship program!

We are excited to announce that we are looking to fill the following positions. These are on-site roles here at the TSI offices in Palo Alto, CA…