Engineering Parallels Between Ephemerisle & Seasteading

There are a wide variety of opinions in the seasteading community about whether Ephemerisle is a plausible path to full seasteading. Here’s my pre-event pitch of why Ephemerisle is useful. Post-event, I have an additional thought.

Our Ephemerisle structure and setup basically worked as plan, with a few exceptions. One is that it took longer than we expected, and was not completed by the noon Friday starting time (although everything did come together for Saturday evening).

The timescale of ocean engineering

A friend of mine from college, a mechanical engineer (and one of the most brilliant engineers I know), has been researching ocean wind energy systems. We’ve been discussing his ideas, and some of his thoughts on the industry are worth sharing (emphasis added):

At the DC offshore renewable energy (electricity from waves, tides and currents) conference, I found that only a COUPLE outfits (namely OpenHydro and Pelamis) were actaully getting anywhere besides just talking and burning up grant money. They had real hardware being demonstrated and ordered by utilities.

Help Us Plan Our Strategy!

Here at TSI, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve our strategy. We recently published a strategy document and a vision timeline, but these are only the beginning, covering things at a very high level.

We also want results sooner. Our current timeline & strategy describe modest achievements — a prototype seastead built, a successful ocean-based business operating — by the end of 2010. We’ve been thinking in recent weeks that we can, and want to, do better.