Open Source World Library

 Here’s a new section from the book beta, a topic I’ve been enthusing about recently.  Comments are welcome, as are pointers to any existing open-source projects which are similar to the idea.  If there are no such projects, well, someone should get cracking on writing one!  Oh, and if someone wants to make the logo described, that would be cool too 🙂 (thanks to krustad for the logo).

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Modern Pioneers

I’ve been adding more about the importance of having a frontier to the revised book (Polycentric order also has a post about this).  Here is one of the new sections:

Consider people who:

1. Are unhappy with the current state of society.
2. Have a specific vision of what a better society for them would look like.
3. Are interested in building their lives around that vision

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A Protocol Suite For Seasteads

(Another new snippet from the book beta, inspired by a lunch conversation today.)

When talking about how we’d like to revolutionize the governing industry, we used the metaphor that we’d like government to be more like the internet industry than operating systems.  One of the properties of the internet is that it is based on a variety of open standards which allow many diverse programs, companies, machines, and people to interoperate.  We’d like seasteads to have this property also.

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