Shatila Sago

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    Shatila Sago

    Shatila D. Sago-Hart is the Founder and First President of the Institute for Youth Leadership and Community Development, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the needs of marginalized youth in minority communities.

    As a staunch advocate for educational equality, Shatila is an Advisory Board Member for Village Leadership Academy, an independent
    elementary school, dedicated to high academic standards, social justice, political and economic equity. She is also an Ambassador and Auxiliary Board Member of the Big Shoulders Scholarship Fund and volunteers with the University of the People, a tuition-free distance learning institution of higher education.

    Shatila’s commitment to international development began when she was an activist student at the University of Illinois where she majored in Political Science and International Relations. Shatila is an alumnus of the Minnesota Studies in International Development, where she completed a year-long research-intensive project in the rural villages near Nairobi, Kenya, exploring the theoretical and practical implications of international development and intercultural issues. In addition to her affiliation with a host of international organizations, Shatila enjoys working with the Young Professionals Network of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

    Shatila holds an MBA in Information Technology Management and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in International Business at Liberty University.

    “I am excited about Seasteading and its audacious vision of political autonomy, social equality, and technological advancement. The Seasteading Movement is the future of sustainable development. “