Jia Christopher

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    Jia Christopher

    Jia Christopher is a long-time seasteading evangelist. Her interest in seasteading organically developed many years ago after frustration with political corruption in the United States and recognizing that experimentation of new and effective forms of government cannot happen on land, as we know it today. Jia serves as chairwoman to the Libertarian party of Placer County, California. In this role, she regularly volunteers in High Schools with voter outreach efforts to introduce the concepts of Liberty to kids, as well as organizing events, such as the Sacramento Pride Parade. Beyond politics, Jia is involved in many non-profit fundraising efforts and instilling volunteerism in her sons.


    Self-publishing Workshop with Adam Corres (Dec. Social One)

    Join us for a self-publishing workshop, a continuation of our Novelists Program. All are welcome, whether or not you are currently writing a novel! #nanowrimo