Showcase & NFT Campaign Launch

The Seasteading Institute has commissioned Ocean Builders to craft a Seastead Showcase SeaPod in Linton Bay, Panama. We’ve raised 2/3 of the construction cost and we need your help to get to the finish line.

Contributors to this first commercial Seastead will truly leave their mark on world history. Our community is pioneering this iconic move from land to sea, from government controlled societies where your freedom is dictated by the few, to independence for many. Your donations will help create a future where seasteading is affordable and accessible to everyone.

The Showcase comes with an underwater observatory and luxury custom interior, and will feature a library of books, articles, and artwork about the marvelous vision of seasteading. It will be rented as a “SeaBnb” so that visitors can experience life as a seasteader.

For the first time, donors to this campaign will also receive an NFT. Those who donate $10,000 or more will receive an NFT that can be redeemed for a two-night stay on the Showcase.

Join us on October 29 as we answer your questions about the construction and design of the Showcase and how the NFTs will work.


Self-publishing Workshop with Adam Corres (Dec. Social One)

Join us for a self-publishing workshop, a continuation of our Novelists Program. All are welcome, whether or not you are currently writing a novel! #nanowrimo