Seoul, South Korea, Launches Floating Island

First piece of Seoul's Floating IslandThis past weekend, the city of Seoul, South Korea, launched the first piece of a floating island called “Viva”, one of three floating islands destined to take their place in the Han River next to the Banpo Bridge this summer. Part of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s plan to revitalize recreation areas and the ecology, the floating islands were made possible by an investment of $83.9 million from the city of Seoul and a consortium of construction companies.

Weighing about 2,000 tons, the overgrown buoy launched on Saturday spent its first day covering a total distance of 60m to the water’s edge, rolling at a snail’s pace across inflated rubber logs. As of the time of this blog post, it will have reached its destination on the river to become the first anchor point of the three-island construction puzzle. According to JoongAng Daily, Viva (3,271 square meters) will be completed first, followed by its sister islands Vista (4,737 square meters) and Tera (1,200 square meters) in July. The Floating Island installation will be opened to the public in August.

An artist’s conception of the completed Floating Islands project in the heart of Seoul.

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