Seasteading TEDx Talk to be Followed by World Premiere of ‘Okeanos’ Dance-Circus Performance

The TEDx Big Blue event is just over two weeks away, and we’re looking forward to connecting with top marine scientists and advocates, and introducing the vision of seasteading to an ocean-loving audience over the course of the weekend. Each short lecture during the opening night (Thurs. 4/12), including Patri Friedman’s talk on seasteading, will urge a rethinking of the way that humans interact with the two-thirds of our planet that is covered with seawater. The night’s attractions will range from practical presentations of the latest oceanographic research and environmental conservation efforts, to artistic displays of music, underwater photography, and even professional interpretative dance.

The event coordinators recently put out this preview of Okeanos, a “dance-circus sensory experience devoted to improving human-ocean relations,” which will debut shortly after our own presentation, and run for four nights at Fort Mason Center’s Herbst Pavillion (tickets here). The show is a result of collaboration between the Capacitor Dance Group (aka the Cirque du Soleil of Environmental Science) and top marine biologists and oceanographers. It promises to captivate the audience with stunning acrobatics, choreographed to mimic the alien motions of organisms that have adapted to ocean life over billions of years.

Despite our own evolutionary origins in the sea, humans have only begun to explore the ocean’s potential as a renewable natural resource, and a setting for new developments (be they research facilities, tourist attractions, or permanent communities like seasteads). We’re excited to be a part of the world premiere of Okeanos and to participate in this historic forum.


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