Business paper published + setting sail on a new adventure

Greetings Seasteaders! Max Borders and I have finished crafting our analysis of the seasteading business environment, “Seasteading Business: Context Opportunity and Challenge”. Check it out. Whether you’re interested in becoming a seasteading entrepreneur, investor, or perhaps just curious about what opportunities this novel industry has to offer — we think you’ll find it interesting. We cover a broad range of economic and business-related topics from clear-cut, early-stage revenue models to speculations as to what forms seasteading business may take in the medium term.


And with this overview, I mark the end of my exciting role as Director of Business Strategy here at The Seasteading Institute. It’s been a great experience both in what it’s taught me and in how it’s allowed me to contribute to what promises to be a great positive force for dynamic social and political change in the years to come.

I, along with co-founder Dario Mutabdzija (Director of Legal Strategy at the institute), will be moving on to our own seasteading venture–Blueseed. In time we hope that Blueseed will greatly contribute to the seasteading movement and open the doors to lucrative and inspiring new forms of business on and around the world’s oceans.


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