Honorable Mention

Architectural Design Contest

This entry did not conform to the contest rules, but our panel of judges agreed the design deserved an honorable mention for its “inventive and speculative spirit. It is utopic and optimistic despite its depressing subject matter…the candidate re-imagined existing technologies to ameliorate our eventual dystopic fate of trash riddled oceans. The candidate takes a negative (trash patch in the ocean) and turns it into a positive (Fantasea floating city).”


Submitted by Derek Ramsey (Cal Poly)

Rising from deep within the Great Pacific Garbage patch, rather than existing solely as a society for the elite, Fantasea is a conglomeration of designers, scientists and students that thrive off of flexibility and unrestrained creativity. The machine incubates perpetual research and design from which revolutionary ideas emerge, constantly allowing adaptive frameworks for innovation in introduction of new and useful technologies, architecture, and products.

The Great Pacific Garbage patch provides an abundance of raw material for the digesters, which consume the floating polymers and strategically convert them to filament. New and existing technologies like 3-D printing, sensory robotics, and adaptive megastructures, make it possible for the floating plastic waste convert into a viable building material, which is organized automatically by the project into a self– sustaining artificially conscious machine/society. Based on a series of inputs from the users, the machine anticipates systematic human ecology’s newly created in casa expanding Island manufactured solely from the users own misplaced waste.

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