Ambassadors / United States / Wisconsin

Alexander Kreindler

Madison – LinkedIn

Alexander Kreindler graduated in 2012 from the University of Wisconsin, where he studied mathematics, philosophy, and computer science. A world traveler, Alexander lived in France until the age of two and then in Frankfurt, Germany until he was 16. As an undergraduate, he started a student-run hedge fund, worked on Wall Street, and developed a strong interest in complex systems and political philosophy. Alexander is currently the co-founder and CEO of a social media startup, WomStreet. He hopes to create awareness of and spread this vision through his travels and connections to influential people.

“Today we have the technological know-how to produce systems that make sure all humans can live long, interesting, healthy lives, that aren’t consumed by mundane jobs that do not further anything – and without consuming the Earth in the process! It is time for the technological revolution that will enable this to happen. It is time to go out and experiment, to stop thinking and start doing, and that is why I love this project.”

Brenda Staudenmaier

Green Bay – Twitter – LinkedIn

Brenda Staudenmaier actively sculpts the world into a place she would feel satisfied leaving behind for future generations. She is a mother of two children and a current Wisconsin college student majoring in Environmental Engineering, focused on drinking and waste water. She has been gardening using organic methods and ran a Brooklyn, New York, public school garden for a few years. She loves to teach children about food, where it comes from, and its effect on the body. In the past, she has worked as a photographer for Vice Magazine, online blogs, and international magazines. Her interests include volunteering, urban planning, food sustainability, permaculture, photography, video making, health, alternative energies, consciousness, vortex based mathematics, and networking. She regularly attends conferences relating to health, extraordinary technologies, and breakthrough energies. She is also interested in building a summertime floating restaurant and bar to serve local products in the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

Todd Sickler

Milwaukee – LinkedIn

Todd is the President of Cloud Forge Consulting, a small business consulting firm that specializes in tech startups and small businesses striving to change the world in new and innovative ways. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he has been involved in the building process of several businesses and startup companies. He has spent the last decade in sales and marketing in various industries but now focuses on ways to help the world grow. He believes in living a responsible, self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle and is drawn to the Seasteading Institute because their ideas of a new international community where individual freedom is paramount falls in line with his overall ideals and goals. Todd is excited to help the Seasteading Institute grow into a common household name. He strives to help create a long term strategic plan to build a sustainable community anywhere in the world. Working with small businesses such as Innovative Natural Solutions, he wants to bridge the gap between sustainable agriculture on land and on the sea. Together we can create something special.