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Elliot Roth

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Elliot brings 5 years of business creation and analytical skills to the ambassadors. A recent graduate of VCU in Biomedical Engineering, Elliot has skills in web, product, and electronics design, as well as business, communication and team management. During his schooling, he was trained at Stanford’s d.School to catalyze innovation communities of entrepreneurial thinkers. His companies have gone on to win multiple startup competitions and grants with a combined earnings of over $22,000. He also raised over $35,000 and managed a team of 40+ for the event TEDxVCU. His main focus is on building communities that serve as tools for entrepreneurial opportunity. He recently founded a nonprofit science space called Indie Lab that provides 12 full-time scientists with affordable experiment space outside of a university environment. He is involved in two startup projects in the lab, ViV and Spira, that use novel synthetic biology techniques to engineer organisms that solve the basic physiological needs of shelter and food. In his free time he enjoys playing and recording music and writing.