Ambassadors / United States / South Carolina

Robert Viglione

Columbia – LinkedIn

Robert Viglione is a Finance PhD student at the University of South Carolina with research interests in crypto finance, peer-to-peer and AI-driven financial technologies, emerging and frontier markets, and asset pricing. He is a former physicist and mercenary mathematician, who has traveled extensively, lived abroad, and sees so much more in human interactions than rigid forcing relationships.

“We’re at a point in human history where it’s feasible to have voluntary rules-based social systems enabled by new technologies, like decentralized proof-of-work crypto platforms. Instances of arbitrary force running counter to popular sentiment, like governments around the world trying to ban Uber, indicate that we’re at a peculiar moment in history where technologies, and how we interact with them, have outpaced social governance methods developed centuries ago. I want to be a part of leading the experimentation process to show the world that violence is not the only way to govern. Seasteading is the natural extension of the exploratory and creative processes to social organization, and I am passionate about spreading the word and facilitating the inevitable.”