Ambassadors / United States / Rhode Island

Natalie Avigdor


Natalie Avigdor is a Swedish and Israeli international artist. Her main field is finding creative and innovative ways of expressing philosophical and technological developments. Natalie was born and raised in the exotic northern Sweden and in the culturally loaded Israel, a mix that granted her the ability to obtain multiple perspectives of the world.

”As a young child, I was accustomed to switch environments. All the traveling I did as a young person made me realize that peoples relations to countries and borders are going to change in a fascinating way in the future.”

Natalie majored in physics, advanced math, and fine art in high school. After her graduation she moved to a small art school in southern Sweden on the border to Denmark. There, she became inspired by the blossoming art community of Scandinavia.

In 2012 Natalie started her BFA majoring in Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and in 2015 she represented Bezalel at the prestigious art school Rhode Island School of Design in the United States.

Throughout the years Natalie has taken part in several programs and delegations abroad; such as an art delegation to Sarajevo (2012) and a diplomatic youth exchange between Israel and Taiwan (2014). She has also contributed to the cultural inter- european magazine CACAO EUROPA (2013, 2015) and done collaboration with companies such as FLIR SYSTEMS developers of IR cameras.

”The reason I want to be a part of the SEASTEADING project is that this project provides a new and innovative way of thinking of how to structure our societies. People are unaware of how much their behavior and choices are influenced by the structures of their environment. A structure of a city can lead to better citizenship, a better ecological system, and eventually to a better community.”

”I am very inspired by cities like Tokyo, Taichung and Helsinki, where the system realize that it can perform best by considering and maintaining every single part in it.”