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Yang Fan

Philadelphia – LinkedIn

Yang came from China to study at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he received his a Master’s degree in chemistry in 2009. Before he came to America, Yang spent his gap year serving as an educational development volunteer in Indonesia and started a donation project called “Traveling around the world through sending books” in the National Parks area of Sukamade, East Java. He currently works as a scientist for a pharmaceutical company in Philadelphia. Prior to this, he interned in two boutique investment firms in New York City. Outside his work, Yang has been practicing as a venture catalyst and leading a variety of venture capital/entrepreneurship/non-profit sector initiatives, such as organizing the Social Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Chinese Diaspora Unconference in the U.S. State Department, and initiating the MIT-CHIEF Mentorship Program, and

“I believe innovation begins with collaboration; it means eroding the boundaries between all the existing models until something emerges that has aspects of each. That’s what I see The Seasteading Institute doing – it’s not just a movement, but also a spirit and philosophy.”