Ambassadors / United States / New York

Alex Merced

Brooklyn – Twitter – LinkedIn

Alex Merced is a Libertarian Activist and Economic Theorist who blogs from and is active with the Ron Paul Campaign. He currently works as a securities licensing instructor on wall street training the younger generation to enter the financial industry.

“I am big on building alternative governance structures for the purpose of learning how society can coordinate its functions, and I spend much of my time teaching people the value in such efforts and would like to get more involved in making it happen.”

Angelo Adam

New York – LinkedIn

Angelo graduated from NYU in 2008 with a bachelors degree in International Politics. He has studied and worked on three continents, and is a dual citizen. His first experience in entrepreneurship was after graduating from college, when he and a friend thought it would be a good idea to start a startup company in their free time. Starting his own business showed him the inherent rewards and challenge of building a website, marketing, sourcing manufacturers, and creating a legal framework for a company. He plans on utilizing these lessons in future endeavors.

“The goals of The Seasteading Institute are in accordance with my personal philosophy. While my personal goals are to build a social platform to increase public participation in governement, I share many of the long term goals in common with the Institute.”

Austin Luhman

New York – LinkedIn

Austin got his Bachelors from Harvard where he was on the pre-med track. After seeing a disconnect between patient and doctor leading to a lack of focus on preventative medicine, he moved to New York to pursue a career in finance and operations. He has spent much of his life traveling and living in other countries and states; he hiked for three months in New Zealand, did community service in Mexico, went on safaris in Zambia, surfed and hang-glided in Brazil, and toured medical device factories in Japan and Portugal. He has always appreciated the variances in culture and the approach that different peoples have, and thinks that the economic and organizational benefits of seasteading is the best way to project and protect this diversity of ideas into the future. He currently runs operations at a financial technology company, Rizm, which has developed a revolutionary platform that gives everyday users a power that, historically, has only been possible at large firms. Rizm’s cloud based software is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to design, backtest, paper trade and execute live trading algorithms in either equity or currency markets.

Charles Peralo

New York – LinkedIn

Charles is a high school student that has been involved with Monticello Eco Club, the Gary Johnson presidential campaign, Our America, GOProud, the Phillips Campaign, and his own online startup company called Streams and Bubbles. His interest in both politics and business has led him to be actively involved with seasteading. In August of 2011, Charles appeared as guest on the Adam vs. The Man news show to promote seasteading.

John James Pritsiolas


John James Pritsiolas is an undergraduate student at Hofstra University currently working at attaining a degree in both Finance and Information Technology. As a second generation Greek-American, he acknowledges the power of the market and is inclined as a budding entrepreneur to increase the quality of life for every individual. With that being stated, he is infatuated with technology and enjoys being an early adopter of a plethora of devices. On his spare time, he pursues his various interests in economics, history, and legal theory. As someone who enjoys maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, he is also a very passionate ice hockey player as well.

“I’m an ardent believer that Seasteading will bring about an advent in ground breaking medical research as well as expanding the frontier on alternative energy.”

J. Solomon Bashi

New York – LinkedIn

Solomon Bashi is currently an associate at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP in New York City where he has been working since graduating from Northwestern University School of Law in 2009. Solomon has spent much of his adult life living abroad and, as such, has experienced many different forms of government. Before starting at his present job, Solomon worked at the Office of the Co-Prosecutor at the International Tribunal in the Courts of Cambodia. Solomon is also a Captain In the United States Army Reserve and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. Mr. Bashi’s publications include The CFTC Further Clarifies End-User Exception to the Mandatory Clearing Requirement for Swaps and Prosecuting Starvation in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (Wisconsin International Law Journal, Spring 2011).

Kimberly Blozie

Brooklyn – LinkedIn

Kimberly Blozie is a scientist, fundraiser, writer and entrepreneur. She has a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire and graduated with honors from Columbia University with a Masters of Science in Fundraising Management. Kim has co-launched, one nonprofit organization, The Guernica Project, which brings awareness to the multi-generational impact of war and one business, TrialX, an online, clinical trials matching and information service. She also recently managed the development department of the New York branch of EnlightenNext, an international, philosophical, nonprofit organization. For the past four years, she was the Manager of Clinical Research at Columbia University’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. Kim currently resides in New York and is working on a screenplay and science fiction novel.

“The world is ready for The Seasteading Institute. While there continues to be profound advances in technology, science, art, and philosophy, our shared values and agreements — the law and government by which we abide has not moved forward as quickly and often times seems destined for more paperwork and fine print. I am a Seasteading Institute ambassador because I am committed to bringing about a more evolved culture. Experimentation is essential to exploring the best way forward, and seasteads will offer a safe and peaceful means to do just that. Also, I can’t think of anything more exciting to pioneer together.”

Matt Pritchard

New York – LinkedIn

Matt is an actor and small business owner living in New York City. He’s drawn to the prospect of introducing competition and the price system into the field of government, and enabling new forms of spontaneous social order.

“This idea has the potential to revolutionize the world. These are big ideas, and I want to be a part of implementing them. When Seasteads start becoming more productive than landed operations, I want to know that I had a hand in making that happen. I want to help spread what could be the next big idea, and launch what could be the most profitable industry in human history.

Svetlana Khmyrova

New York

Svetlana moved to NYC from Moscow four years ago to continue her career in management consulting. She has more than 10 years of experience in customer strategy and experience and worked across various industries. Early on in her career, Svetlana launched a start-up, wrote and published a book on guest experience design for hospitality companies, and became a thought leader in customer experience. She is truly passionate about her life purpose of creating a better environment through exceptional experiences.

“I’m excited to be a part of this movement and contribute to such a great purpose of discovering new ways of organizing our lives, creating better living experiences for humanity and taking care of scarce natural resources.”

William Nava


William is a writer, award-winning filmmaker, multi-media artist and voluntarist advocate. William is currently working on an ambitious agorist initiative, Pressing the Button, a website that serves as a directory of all services typically provided by the government – police, defense, education, social security, etc. – with commentary that demonstrates how these services already are or can be provided more cheaply and efficiently by peaceful individuals, businesses, and communities. The ultimate goal of the project is to encourage readers to engage with peaceful alternatives to government services, thereby eroding the state’s jurisdiction over every aspect of our lives.William’s current artistic passion is the “accompanied monologue” – spoken word blended with music. In 2012, he wrote, performed, produced and edited a 90-minute album of all-original accompanied monologues. He now co-produces a bi-weekly podcast of accompanied monologues, with new writers and musicians every episode. William graduated Cum Laude from the Macaulay Honors College.

“I am an ambassador for the Seasteading Institute because I’m committed to the existence of a truly free, peaceful and voluntary society in my lifetime.”