Ambassadors / United States / Michigan

Kyle Simpson


Kyle Simpson was born and raised in Michigan, learning quickly of the beauty of the world. Raised on a lake, he took his first swim lessons when he was 8 months old, and is a “water-baby” in every respect. Kyle lived a privileged upbringing, something he believes everyone deserves. He joined the ambassadors team because he is tired of engaging in mere thought experiments, and wants to see seasteading fleshed out into the light of day, to see the world take a giant leap into the future, and to reveal what humanity can be. Kyle is currently majoring Physics, with a specialty towards Electrical Engineering, and minoring in Mathematics at Western Michigan University.

“I envision this as a new golden age, where society rises up, and sheds off the shackles of its past limitations. I see global education as a crucial step into enlightenment of the world, and I think a Seastead will be one of the first communities to offer itself up to world, for the greater good.”