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Matt Cockfield

New Orleans – Website – LinkedIn

Matt discovered The Seasteading Institute while searching for similar ideas to his Isle of Orleans concept, an island located in Lake Pontchartrain about 10 miles from its North shore. The lake is a 630-square mile estuary whose South shore outlines a large portion of the Greater New Orleans area. Upon learning about the Seasteading movement, the concept immediately resonated with his affinity for aquatic space development. His professional background as a director of supply chain services to the oil and gas industry, contacts to offshore engineers and contractors, and a law degree, make him an excellent ambassador to the Seasteading movement.

Matt sees an opportunity for disparate and typically philosophically opposed forces not colliding but combining value propositions in a symbiotic way:

“The island could have tourist attractions renowned in this region, for example, hotels, art and music venues, restaurants, located near a university’s coastal research station – all of which potentially constructed with sustainable resources and powered by renewable technologies such as solar, wind, and possibly hydro. Buy-in for such a project would conceivably be had by incorporating the cultural amenities valued by the region and its visitors.”