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Joey Cline

Indianapolis – LinkedIn

Joey currently resides in Indianapolis, IN and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Logistics & Global Supply Chain as well as a Six-Sigma Black Belt and has served in leadership roles in retail, international, and manufacturing industries. He is also the co-Founder of a product and services company called Myrmidon Industries Inc. His volunteer work includes a child abuse prevention group, animal rescue, and he is a supporter of conservative political efforts. Joey enjoys a particular interest in history, evident in his company’s name, and is an award winning power-lifter.

“When correct vs. incorrect becomes less important than the agenda regarding governance and society, debate is no longer effective or worthwhile, as a solution is thus no longer attainable. We are at a time where the need of this testing ground for ideas regarding governance and law, outside the strains of overwhelming regulation and skewed by tainted marketing efforts, is crucial. I am very eager to help the seasteading initiative grow and succeed.”

Thomas Edward Wallace


Thomas Edward Wallace is Founder and Director of the non-profit Goose Creek Conservancy and has been involved in environmental engineering for over 30 years. He is an experienced Environmental Specialist with a hands-on background in Title V air permit requirements and preparation, documentation, compliance, and on-going operational concerns in manufacturing and production operations. His current and past affiliations include MENSA, Scientech – Indianapolis, International Hazardous Materials Association, Air and Waste Management Association, Environmental Professionals Association, and California Aerospace & Environmental Association.

“Each Ambassador comes from a different world; they have different contacts, thoughts and perspectives. Each of us may hold our own beliefs about what we feel is best for the future and for mankind, but without collaboration, they are nothing more than single perspectives on a dream. Through the Ambassador program, our perspectives can be validated and dreams can be manifested.”