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Alex Modzelewski

Kailua – LinkedIn

Being a surgeon, a member of a quintessential libertarian occupation, allowed Alex to travel and work around the world. From his native Poland he reached his present home in Hawaii, on his way observing people and their various political systems. Alex terminated his medical career a few years ago in order to promote new ideas based on extreme personal freedom and individual responsibility. He has had three novels dedicated to this subject published, in addition to some theoretical articles (see

“People display amazing resourcefulness coping with their political masters but—so far—I have not encountered a government which would not benefit from some very substantial improvements. Why are we so stuck in the unsatisfactory—rooted in the 19th century—political system? One reason is lack of alternatives; all habitable land had been seized by powerful, military-backed plutocracies; they do not welcome any significant innovations. I believe that imaginative scenarios are important for “a common man” to realize that his or her option are much wider than conventional beliefs allow.”