Ambassadors / United States / Georgia

Faruq Hunter

Atlanta – LinkedIn

Faruq has spent more than 18 years in the international business scene in over 48 countries. As an individual with natural survival skills and an unrelenting sense of curiosity, Faruq worked odd jobs in Clevelend, Ohio to raise the money for his first international trip for his collegiate studies as a 14 year old high school graduate in the International University of Africa in Khartoum, Sudan. The trip sparked a lifelong love for exploring international business opportunities and for experiencing the richness of other peoples’ culture first hand. Faruq co-founded his first software development company in 2001. During this period he consulted with companies such as Bellsouth, Coca-Cola and Delta to spearhead efforts that saved some of the country’s most prominent mid-sized businesses millions of dollars. He has also spent a considerable amount of time working throughout Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Northern Africa, Central and South America and Eastern Europe. He has held positions as Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technical Officer and VP of Operations with various international companies. Now on his third passport at the ripe age of 34, Faruq spends 65% of the year traveling through over 25 countries as the President of Global Operations for GeniusCo, promoting and establishing branches for GeniusCorps. GeniusCorps is the world’s first Global IT Services group that focuses on empowering IT professionals, IT companies and the companies that sell to them. In simple terms, the internet empowers the world, GeniusCorps empowers the guys who build the Internet and Faruq Hunter is one of the individuals who empower GeniusCorps. Not the average job for not the average person. He works on the principle that detailed analytics and strategic planning have to be met with bold, consistent and aggressive action to achieve international success.

Jeffrey Cole Copeland


Jeffrey Cole Copeland is an undergraduate student in Political Science and Public Policy at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the founder and President of Young Americans for Liberty at GSU and campus coordinator for Students for Liberty. After graduation, Jeffrey plans to attend Law School. Along with his scholastic obligations, he works with his family’s chemical distribution company. Jeffrey originally became interested in the seasteading concept in 2012, soon after discovering the campaign for charter cities in Honduras.

“The Seasteading Institute is one of the few organizations that I believe will benefit mankind and not just individuals.”

Michael Bell


“Passionate for freedom and solving critical societal challenges. My name is Michael Bell and I love getting to know people and solving their problems and making an impact on people’s lives. I tend to see the world for what it is, but I also see the world for what it can become and I believe that Seasteading can and will make the world a freer place to live in.”

“After some study, I believe that seasteading will help science push forward to solve pressing human problems. Like anyone, I have some reserves about this new venture, but any new idea will have kinks to work out. Personally I see this fact as an exciting prospect. I want to be a part of finding problems and solving them. As food and fresh water become more scarce per person, problems are beginning to compile on each other. Large governments seem content to fight over nothing while the consequences of these problems keep getting pushed back and piling up. Seasteading presents a temporary solution to some of these problems, permanent solutions to others, and most importantly is a way to push the conversation forward. Being a part of this now will start to deal with the consequences that keep getting put off – and hopefully begin to open the door to real solutions.”

Tal Tsfany

Alpharetta – LinkedIn

Tal Tsfany is currently a Vice President of Amdocs, a leading global telecommunications IT and software provider. He is also a board member of a fast-growing startup, Base, which is working to redefine the world of customer relationship management (CRM). A 42-year-old husband and father of three, Tal moved from Israel to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006. By the age of 27, he was the CEO of a 650 person test preparation company. Tal is also a co-founder of the Ayn Rand Center in Israel, and is writing a children’s book and screenplay based on an Objectivist philosophy, including its epistemology and ethics.

“Seasteading could be the next step towards a securing a future of total individual freedom for my kids and many other kids. I believe that with the intellectual power that can be recruited and the technologies that can be leveraged, this vision has a good chance of materializing in the mid-term future.”

Will Perkins

Atlanta – LinkedIn

Will Perkins has been an advocate of environmentally responsible growth, in part by developing new theories and challenging traditional approaches to increasing global energy needs and mitigating the resulting human environmental impacts. Will combines his passion for futurology with an environmental perspective, focused on identifying creative solutions and laying the foundation for new approaches to some of our most challenging issues we face today. Will currently works as Director of Client Services for a cloud-based technology company which provides custom marketing solutions to increase engagement and connectivity with businesses and their customers in the digital space.

“I see seasteading as a catalyst for breakthroughs in many sectors, including medical, bio-tech, green energy and financial. My goal as an Ambassador is to not only drive awareness but share the passion and opportunity to bring together some of the most creative and innovative minds of our generation to solve some of our most pressing global issues.”