Ambassadors / United States / Florida

Adam Barger

Tampa – LinkedIn

Adam Barger is the founder and CEO of, with a passion to improve social conditions through free-thinking and technology. In addition to founding several businesses and other endeavors in the technology sector in his adult life, Adam helped start a community center in Honduras that provides education and cultural development to children. Adam is a husband and father to four boys ages 13-19; he is working to advance seasteading because he wants for himself, his children, and his future grandchildren to grow up in a free society. A lifelong questioner of the status quo, Adam envisions freedom as living in a peer-to-peer society, where people must win each other over to their ideals to affect change, and where they can freely agree to disagree.

Brock Pilgrim

Orlando – LinkedIn

“I am a futurist and I believe in disruption in regards to social, entrepreneurship, resources, media, technology, currency and innovation, Since the existence of man, there has always been a political and social order that has left man to be controlled by its policies/bureaucracies and its laws. The Seasteading Institute is one of those modern movements to empower political and social change, promote global and innovative ideas, for those who yearn to be truly free from the shackles of laws that hinder us.”

Gabriel Rothblatt

Melbourne Beach – LinkedIn

Gabriel is originally from Washington DC where, as a child, he observed his father pioneer the Satellite Communications and Biotechnology industries as well as the LGBT movement. After studying Political Philosophy at UVM Gabriel heeded the advice of the most successful people he knew, who all regretted not having children earlier in life, and moved to Homewood, AL with his wife, where they had four children. Gabriel, a self-proclaimed ‘professional amateur’ is currently a US Congressional Candidate in FL-8, the Space Coast of Florida.

He is passionate that the answers to our most perplexing problems will be found at sea, and that the resources of the Space Coast are the most fertile ground to launch seasteading from.

“From sustainable technologies to innovative political systems seasteading represents a hands-on approach to our future.”

Peter Parsley

Winter Park – LinkedIn

Peter Parsley is an international affairs student at Rollins College and guerrilla filmmaker. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and has been vigorously studying free market economics, political philosophy, and alternative psychology since 2008.

The art of influence and persuasion have played a major role in his life, making him eager to use his skills for the promotion of The Seasteading Institute, through Youtube videos and organization of events with local and on-campus groups.

“My goal as an ambassador is to facilitate the message of The Seasteading Institute by whatever means possible.”