Ambassadors / United States / Colorado

Austin Hawkins

Born and raised near Denver, Colorado, Austin Hawkins has consistently sought out new challenges and adventure. After graduating from high School in May, Austin reluctantly began to continue his education at University of North Colorado due to conformity and outside pressure. However, as Fall approached, he quickly realized he was going to be spending the next four years of his life wasting time as a marketing major, when in reality he wanted to write for a living and gain real-world experience. Soon after school began, he dropped out and started working on short stories and a novel. Due to his interest in political science, Austin was drawn to The Seasteading Institute where he hopes to engage in politics in a more direct and participatory manner, rather than simply observing it from afar. In addition to his writing ambitions, Austin has studied film and acting and is seeking investors for a documentary film project focused on religion and its effects on culture.